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About Gold Buyers UK

Gold Buyers UK is a family run business with years of experience as precious metal valuers and buyers.

Together we are a professional and dedicated team that will provide you with a very simple, safe, and above all secure way to sell your gold online.

We understand that in today’s troubling times brought on by the corona virus and the general economic conditions that prevail as a result, many households will be feeling the pinch financially.

Thus, being able to relieve the stress and strain these financial challenges have brought by turning unwanted or broken pieces of jewellery into cash has never been so welcomed and appreciated as now.

With Gold prices now trading higher than they have for many years and with no downturn in sight now makes the perfect time to turn your unwanted or broken gold jewellery into CASH !!

What we offer at Gold Buyers UK

An Express Service Get your money quicker

A Safe way to sell your Gold

An above all a Secure way to sell your Gold When you send the Valuation Pack back to us in the free Postage Paid bag the contents are fully insured up to a value of £500

And this is all a completely free, no obligation service, so remember if you’re not happy with our offer we will return your jewellery free of charge