How We Will Value Your Gold

How it works professional valuation staff will take great care unpacking, assessing and then valuing your jewellery to make certain we can offer you the highest offer possible

This is how the valuation Process works:

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Step 1

We carefully unpack your jewellery, catalog your items into your unique Customer Identification Numbering system, ensuring complete traceability at all times. 

Step 2

Our team will then weigh and test your gold to establish its weight, fineness, and purity. 

Step 3

Your gold will then be passed to one of our Directors who will comprehensively assess your jewellery or gold coins, then based on the weight and purity of your items will be able to offer our best price based on that day’s gold value 

Step 4

Our Director will then contact you the same day with our offer for your gold. 

We think that you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what your unwanted jewellery is worth.

Almost all of our customers are happy to accept our offer. If however, you decide you want your jewellery or gold coins back, for whatever reason, we will send them back to you fully insured and completely free of charge.

Step 5

Once you accept our offer the money is transferred in 24 hours into your bank account and in most cases within the hour of acceptance

We guarantee to pay you our highest prices  and you will get you money within 24 hours of accepting our offer if not quicker !!